Unbelievable Life in North Korea

16th January 2020/by admin

Surgery in Pyongyang 9th~16, Nov, 2019

4th December 2019/by admin

Surgery in Pyongyang Medical University 11th ~18th May 2019

From 11th to 18th May 2019, DULA medical team (2 plastic surgeons, 3 anaesthetists, 1 medical and 2 general staff) visited Pyongyang Medical University Hospital.

After visiting North Korea several times to treat patients with cleft lip and palate, we saw the need for burn reconstruction. Hence for the first time we started reconstructive surgery for burn patients as well as continuing our work with cleft lip and palate patients. Operations were led by DULA medical team and was supported Pyongyang Medical University Hospital staff.

Overall, we managed to treat 28 patients- 25 patients for cleft lip and palate, and 3 patients for burn reconstruction.
It was great cooperating with Pyongyang Medical University Hospital and we thank KFPD for organising recruitment and administration.
4th December 2019/by admin

Cleft Palate and Lip Operations in North Korea

16th August 2018/by admin

Thank you, St. Ann’s!

16th August 2018/by admin

Medical Team Training for ‘Disabled Children’s Surgical Centre’

31st January 2018/by admin

North Korean Surgeons training in Cambodia

As part of developing the Medical Rehabilitation Programme,…
31st December 2017/by admin

Greenhouse 4 – Bongchon Blind School

Builded 2017.
8th September 2017/by admin

Greenhouse 3 – Bongchon Deaf School

Builded 2017
8th September 2017/by admin

2017 UK Concert Farewell Supper

8th August 2017/by admin

Greenhouse 2 – Bongsan Disabled School

8th August 2017/by admin

Greenhouse 1- Sariwon

8th August 2017/by admin
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