Supporting Mothers and Babies
In collaboration with KFPD, DULA is working to implement a programme that will help prevent neural tube defects in newborns and boost general health of pregnant mothers through the provision of nutrition-fortified bread. We are in the planning and funding stage of the project.

Folic Acid Project Proposal
Memorandum of agreement on Prevention of Disability and Improvement of Health

Parties agreed : DULA International & Korean Federation for Protection of the Disabled
Implementing Agency : Korean Foundation for the Disabled an Orphans(KFDO/KFPD)
Project Title : Supply of Bread/Biscuit fortified with iron/folic acid/vitamin
Location : Wonsan City, South Kangwon Province, DPR Korea
Beneficiaries : in total approximately 6721 persons
a. 5,300 women before and in pregnancy , b. 101 students with disabilities at their school,
c. 360 orphans at orphanage, d.960 orphans at orphans’ primary and secondary schools.

In order to reduce birthrate of malformation by improving nutrition of mothers and embryo/foetus as one of WHO’s recommendation to prevent disability, and to improve health of children, DULA International and KFDO have agreed on implementing the project in which two parties develop and produce bread/biscuit fortified with iron, folic acid and vitamin according to WHO guideline to supply to targeting groups daily.

Duration : 3 years

Group of beneficiaries, numbers, effects:
1. Preconceptional and pregnant women: supplementation of folic acid, vitamin and other nutrient to preconceptional and pregnant women prevent birth with disability including neural tube defects, congenital heart defects, urinary tract abnormalities.
2. Schools for children with disabilities: improvement of health and prevention of secondary
3. Orphanage(orphans aged 4-6): improvement of health and prevention of disability
4. Orphans’ Primary and secondary school (orphans aged 6-18): promotion of growth

Technical support: Dr. Kee Park, a neurosurgeon (Friends in Health) will provide technical support such as establishing a panel of medical experts and assessing effectiveness and impact.

DULA International Director Lee Seok-Hee

Vice Chairman of KFPD & Chairmen of KPDO Kim Mun-Chol

18th June, 2015