Originally known as the Korean Association for Supporting Disabled (July, 1998), the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled [KFPD] acquired federation status in July, 2005. It is the only non-governmental organisation recognised by the North Korean government to represent all the institutions related to the disabled people.

Mission Statement of the KFPD:
“The Central Committee of KFPD sets its mission to advocate and represent the rights and interests of the people with disabilities in DPRK. Among the major tasks, contribution to the mental and physical rehabilitation of the people with disabilities, establishment of barrier-free environment, prevention of disability and to ensure respectful social status of the people with disabilities will be the top priority of the federation. The federation shall undertake various kinds of support services, and advocate and disseminate public information to enable people with disabilities to play their role as the true masters of the society and community.”
from the KFPD Annual Report (2012)