2017 Symposium, Disability in North Korea

25th Wadham College, University of Oxford
Mun-Chol Kim: Chairman of the KFPD (North Korea)
Chairman of Oxford University Disability Community
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31st, May, 2017 at Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS
Mun-chol. Kim : From North Korea, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the protection of the Disabled. The KFPD’s mission is to represent and advocate the rights and interests of persons with disabilities in the DPRK.

James Edward Hoare: An Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). He joined the British Diplomatic Service in 1969, and worked mainly on China, Japan and the Korean peninsula. He served in the British Embassies in Seoul and Beijing. In 2001-2002, he was the first British representative in Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea).

MIKE COWIN: joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 1988. He is a member of the FCO Re- search Cadre, covering Korea and Japan. He has served in Tokyo, Seoul and, in 2012-2014, as Deputy Head of Mission in Pyongyang.

Kee Park: He is affiliated with the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change at Harvard Medical School as the Paul Farmer Global Surgery Scholar. Medical member of DULA International
Tickets www.eventbrite.co.uk