Contents and Schedule of the 2015 Event

The key characteristic of this event is that it enables KFPD(Korean Federation for the Protection of  the Disabled), North Korean NGO for the disabled, to cooperate with international organisations to seek actively for ways which could enhance the education, nutrition and rehabilitation for the disabled.

UK Concert dates

1) University of Oxford
Concert: 20th February at Sheldonian Theatre, 7:30pm
Seminar: 21st February at University Hall

2) Royal College of Music, London
Concert: 21st February at Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, 7:30pm

3) University of Cambridge
Concert: 2nd March at Trinity College Chapel, 7:30pm
Seminar: 2nd March at University Hall

12 performers with disabilities will play, sing and dance with the piano, Gayageum and sohaegeum (traditional Korean instruments), accordion and more.

The vice chairman of KFPD will give a speech about KFPD’s role, activities, and future plans for the disabled. Also, other guest speakers will give speeches regarding the improvement of disabled.