• Dae-dong Blind School

Give children and young people with disabilities Hope and courage to achieve their dreams. Prepare individuals to become confident professionals and members of society. Nurture futures that help build good life and homes. Create opportunities and cultural exchanges to build friendships Working with you to make the future of our society happier is DULA International’s dream

At DULA International, our work is motivated by our faith. We are committed to following the teaching and example of Jesus Christ in His kindness and understanding with those who are poor, vulnerable or forgotten. Through our work, we aim to relieve and support the vulnerable from developing countries.

2017 DPRK(N.Korea) Youth Para-Ensemble Concert

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DULA International is a UK-based charity and NGO who, since the 2012 London Paralympics, have been collaborating with KFPD (Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled) to aid children and young people with disabilities by promoting their education, future opportunities, rehabilitation and welfare through humanitarian projects such as international seminars, cultural exchanges and nutrition programmes.

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